Tower Of God

Alternate Name(s)신의 탑, Tower of God.
GenresAction, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Shounen, Supernatural
Realised in2010
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What do you desire? Fortune? Glory? Power? Revenge? Or something that surpasses all others? Whatever you desire, ‘that is here’. Tower of God.

Tower of God Manga is a South Korean webtoon written and illustrated by SIU, also known as Slave In Utero. It is a dark fantasy story set in a colossal tower that is said to grant its inhabitants anything they desire. The story follows a young boy named Bam, who climbs the Tower in search of Rachel, his only friend and the love of his life.
The Tower is a hierarchical society, divided into floors, each with its own set of challenges and tests. As Bam climbs the Tower, he meets a variety of characters, both allies and enemies. He learns more about the Tower’s history and the motivations of those who seek to climb it.

Tower of God Manga Review

Tower of God is a beloved manhwa that has won critical acclaim for its imaginative world and gripping plot. The tale follows Bam, who finds himself trapped under the Tower and yearns for Rachel who lives outside. But Bam defies fate by opening up its gate and embarks on an incredible adventure that brings fantasy, adventure, and thrills!


Tower of God has brought many interesting characters into existence. Some have gained prominence within its pages while others still battle for recognition – among these notable are Twenty-Fifth Bahm, Rachel and Khun Maschenny Jahad.

The Tower of God manga has gained widespread appeal due to its innovative plotline and art style, as well as its captivating cast of characters. If you want to learn more about these individuals or simply want more insight into its narrative, this article can assist.

Twenty-Fifth Bahm is the protagonist in the Tower of God series. For most of his life he lived beneath the tower until Rachel showed him it could help them achieve whatever their heart desired if only they reached its top.

Bahm quickly emerges as an essential character in the narrative despite his young age and lack of experience, thanks to his unique abilities and unflinching devotion to his friends – distinguishing him from other Irregulars in particular. Always challenging himself to reach the top of Tower, yet eager to reunite with Rachel once more, Bahm remains committed and determined throughout.

Tower of God is best-known for the Jahads, one of the most powerful groups within it and some of its most ruthless characters. At the forefront of their ranks stands Princess Jahad, a high ranking member who has received some of King Jahan’s power; she can clash with even the strongest Irregulars due to her abilities.

Khun Maschenny Jahad is another powerful high-ranker Jahad who is notorious for plotting and betraying her allies. While many accuse her of exploiting the Tower for personal gain, her strength remains undeniable – unlike most Jahads she can move freely around it, which gives her an edge over Irregulars.

Phantaminum is an elusive character who frequently appears in Tower of God. An Irregular with mysterious origins, his purpose and motives remain unknown to most people – only few have witnessed his appearance first-hand. Known to some as a “bogeyman”, few people have actually witnessed Phantaminum himself in action.


Tower of God is an exquisite manga with an intriguing narrative and engaging characters, boasting an exciting mix of mystery, adventure and action that has garnered high acclaim among fans. SIU has written this 8 year series which currently boasts an outstanding 9.9 out of 10 rating on Webtoon as well as over three million subscribers – its story centers around an unassuming tower that grants people their greatest wishes while housing powerful near-godlike beings who govern its inhabitants.

Bam, the main protagonist in this manga series, enters the Tower after losing Rachel, determined to reach its summit and reunite with her once more. His story has attracted new readers due to its captivating world-building and characters.

Tower of God is known for both its captivating plot and stunning artwork and action scenes, particularly its captivating artwork and action scenes. Characters and their energy (shinsoo) are rendered in an exceptional style, and fighting scenes also stand out greatly from others in manga history. SIU was initially rather rough with their art, yet has greatly improved since beginning their publication.

As the story develops, Baam and Rachel meet an array of colorful characters – such as Androssi, an old acquaintance who wishes to escape from prison; an immortal who has struck a deal with Tower guardians that exempts him from testing regulations; as well as Androssi himself who wants out from being locked up at Tower Tower prison; an Irregular, who has struck an arrangement exempting him from taking part in its test; both provide extra layers of intrigue for Baam to overcome during their journey through its trials.

The Tower of God contains many different floors, each representing a distinct world. Each floor boasts its own language, culture and governance systems; some even contain entire nations! As the story develops, Bam and his team will explore these floors while combatting various creatures inhabiting them.

The Tower of God story has been brought to life as an anime series that premiered on Crunchyroll in 2020 and currently contains over 590 chapters. Following a brief hiatus in 2022, however, new chapters resumed publishing with new chapters arriving again starting February 2023.

Art Style

Tower of God is an exquisite manga with breathtaking art that captures its audience with stunning character designs and engaging storytelling that leaves readers wanting more! Additionally, this series has received an outstanding anime adaptation that still manages to capture much of what was original about it.

Tower Of God is an exceptional manga for fans of reincarnation and fantasy stories, featuring an intriguing plot and characters with their own individual traits – particularly the main protagonist, who exudes compassion while working tirelessly on himself while remaining protective over those around him.

The manga has attracted an enormous fanbase and been translated into many different languages, while being made available as both a collectible card game and video games based on it. An anime adaptation was released, garnering mixed reviews among critics; some critics applauding its animation style and voice acting skills while other fans feel its main character is too cliched for their liking.

Although Tower of God may not be the only manga series that depicts a protagonist ascending a mysterious tower, it remains one of the most beloved titles within this genre. A few other manga titles share its premise but do not match its quality in terms of storytelling or artwork.

Kubera and A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special both involve reincarnated characters who struggle to overcome obstacles, but Kubera offers a much deeper and complex narrative experience, with well-developed characters who stand out against challenging odds. Plus, Kubera boasts an intriguing setting and cast of characters which may appeal to fans of Tower of God!

Second Life Ranker is another manga with a similar plot structure; like Tower of God, its protagonist starts as an underdog but gradually advances over time. Likewise, I’m the Max-Level Newbie is also strongly inspired by Tower of God.


Tower of God provides a mature take on the isekai genre and features great character development, an engaging plot, plenty of action scenes and an eye-catching art style. The main character has dedicated his life to fighting while possessing a deep-seated sense of duty to protect those closest to him while possessing an amusing sense of humor which keeps things lively throughout.

Tower of God, one of the world’s most-read isekai manga series, offers an immersive fantasy world and diverse cast. Bam, or Twenty-fifth Bam as he is popularly known, spends most of his time under an immense tower that grants all desires when summoned by its users. Bam eventually opens the door himself without being summoned, beginning an incredible journey across all five floors of its tower.

Tower of God features many captivating characters, such as Rak, an energetic spear-bearer who looks similar to an alligator or crocodile. His loud personality distinguishes him from other characters while his boastful boasts about being the strongest provide comedic relief within the story. While such boastful arrogance might otherwise hinder progression in other anime shows, Tower of God manages to make Rak a part of it instead.

Kubera is another highly recommended series, as its setting echoes Tower of God. People must climb a large tower and complete various tests and tasks in order to advance through the levels. Kubera features an eclectic cast with their own personalities and histories that come together seamlessly in this captivating anime.

Though no other manga will quite replicate Tower of God completely, certain titles come close in terms of capturing its spirit. One such title is Kami no Tou which follows a similar plotline as Tower of God with a main character progressing through multiple floors in a tower in search of someone important. Furthermore, Kami no Tou explores betrayal and death themes while providing both thought-provoking and riveting entertainment.